I think I'm a YARN Hoarder :-0 

I tend to buy something and then ‘save’ it. Or buy too much so I won’t run out. I’ve done this my entire life. Why? I don’t know.

When I closed my yarn shop 30 years ago I took the best yarns and stashed them. Today, many are still in that stash mode. Neatly organized into bins by type and weight; they sit in their balls, cones or pull skeins just as they have for many decades. Over the years I may select one to use and then return it convincing myself there is a better project to come for it- Really? Today, I feel that I must use them or let them go. Sell them perhaps. I am beginning to fear that I will be gone one day and the yarns will have out-lived me. To think that I could have made something wonderful with that yarn and I didn’t is a bit unsettling.

various yarns I've horded

In my reservoir are yarns from mills that no longer exist. Within the bins are gorgeous experimental fibers from Italy, France, Germany and other countries around the world. In their day these fibers were very expensive and not easy to come by. I have learned some things by hoarding these yarns.

Surprisingly, I see new or current yarns on the market that mimic these older yarns telling me that trends do repeat themselves in the world of yarn just as fashion does.  For instance space dying was a novelty years ago and recently so many yarns are offered that way again. Finding cashmere 30 years ago was oh-so-impossible because the country that had it all wasn’t allowed to export it. Today, cashmere is everywhere. 

Angora yarns have improved vastly. Blending it was miserably unsuccessful as the hair would just fall out. Eww- shedding. Today there are many successful blends available. Acrylics were very easy to spot decades ago because there was an unmistakable sheen about them. Those equivalent man-made fibers today look nearly identical to natural fibers.


I always thought my yarns and my crafting would be my retirement. I’ve never had much faith or self-confidence to support myself with my passion.  All I know is that I love to create and I tend to make lots of things.

As I mentioned in another story I flew for American Airlines until I woke up one day confused and scared. I didn’t know where I was or why for a good moment. Long enough to make a dire impact on my flying career and allow me to successfully proffer a year leave of absence. During that year I acquired my real estate license and sold over a million dollars in property (that was a lot then). When my time was up and the airlines called me back I quit. Working for a company (AA) that large and traveling so much showed me just how big and small the world is. After my years in real estate I began my current job in computers. What was the yarn stash doing? Sitting; nothing; waiting for the day that I didn’t have to work ‘other’ jobs and could devote myself to my needle-works.

Then on a gorgeous September morning the unimaginable occurred. Planes flew into buildings ‘live’ on the TV. American Airline planes too. I stood frozen in front of a television seeing in my mind what every person in uniform on that plane was doing and where they were probably sitting. I even wondered if it was a plane I had flown or fellow crew members I had flown with. When the plane penetrated the building my immediate thought was implosion. To other people standing nearby I said “that building is going to implode”. Most people I stood watching with replied “no, it’s not”. I recall a small debate ensued but quickly ended as the building crumbled. I chocked the tears back but not the fear as the east coast griped that day for other eminent impacts with the thoughts of where else.

That evening like all US Americans I sat crippled in front of the TV for any report of why, what would be the outcome and the general need to be a part of the nation. The TV owned me for many days thereafter as I tried to understand the ramifications of what had happened that morning. Fear took over and then the promise to be more. Promises to be better fit (in case the terrorists picked me next), to prepare for loss of water, food or other essentials and to be a better citizen and support my country. The biggest overwhelming message that I got from 9/11 was to do everything I wanted to do NOW. There could be no retirement, no life tomorrow and procrastination was not a word anymore. The hoarded stash of yarns must be used or gotten rid of. If I had a desire to do something waiting would mean never.

It was then that I got into the studio every minute I could. That packing boxes and setting up shows became important. This website had to come about. People ask me today; “where do you get the time to do all this?” You don’t question but act – To quote Yoda: “NoTry not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”.-- Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back #2.

Portofino YarnBest Annybernet casino yarn

Anyone recall these lovely yarns? The one at the top of the page is an amazing ultra thick creation on a wire by Fantacia as well as the first one here called Portofino. Also in the top picture is Flirt by Anny Blatt. Middle picture is Best Anny by Anny Blatt and then Bernat's wildly successful Casino - wishing Bernat would bring this one back!


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