Teddy ~ the faithful!

Mom and Dad would travel often it seemed especially to England. That would make sense since Mom came from there. 

I would look forward to their return which always included something special selected for me and my siblings. Toys I had never seen before or heard of. A whip and top came home once. It was a small wood top with a metal tip that fit in one hand. Accompanying it was a stick that has a piece of leather fastened to one end. By wrapping the leather around the top tightly and then pulling the stick the top would begin to spin with the leather free of it. Continuing to hit the top with the leather would cause the top to continue spinning. The challenge was to keep the top spinning as long as possible. I enjoyed that game for hours.

Another trip they brought me my very best friend for years to come; a small brown bear with a melancholy face and a matching red wool hat and scarf. His paws have suede on them and his eyes appeared so real. His face was very simple but meant so much to me. When I pressed his belly he squeaked. His name is Teddy.

Teddy starring awayTeddy knew all my secrets, fears and dreams. I really wish he could speak now because I didn’t keep a diary. He could answer many questions I have about my life. He has been the most faithful to me too. Teddy has always been there. He just sits starring off and watching.                                                                                            Today as I look at the bear he is showing his age. His fur is a bit ruffled with some bare spots like someone balding. His beautiful red hat has a hole in it. His scarf is missing. The squeaker doesn’t work and the suede on his pads is nearly worn off. You can make out the squeaker outline in the picture of him. I remember having to really punch Teddy to hear it at all before it quit. I also remember stroking his scarf. It was sewn onto him so  I cannot understand why it would be gone.

  As a knitter I look at the bear and feel he should have his scarf back. With the hole in his hat he should have that replaced. Then as I ponder this I realize it would be impossible to replicate the patina in them. I will opt to replace the scarf but leave the hat for now.

Here is the pattern of the scarf that I think will work:

Teddy's Red Wool Scarf:

Red Wool Fingering Yarn.
Number 4 needles or size to obtain the gauge.
Tapestry needle (eye large enough to accommodate yarn).

Gauge: 8 stitches = 1”.

Cast on: 24 sts.

Knit in stockinette (purl 1 row, knit 1 row) until the piece measures 8” or desired length. Cast off. Fold in half lengthwise and sew the piece together forming a tube.

*NOTE>This could be knit on DP needles to avoid the sewing up.<*


At each end make a tassel like Teddy’s hat. MAKE 2.

Take a 1” wide by 3” long piece of cardboard and wrap the yarn around the 1” portion about 20 times. Be careful not to wrap tight or the cardboard may bend. Try to keep all the wraps together too, even if they are bunched on top of each other.
Cut the yarn leaving about a 20” tail. Thread the tail thru the tapestry needle. Put the needle thru the cardboard encasing all of the wrapped yarn at one end. Do this 3 times. On the next pass make the pass into a knot. Then carefully slip all the yarn off the cardboard while holding all of the yarn together on the non-knotted end. Now wrap the yarns totally together about a quarter of an inch from the end that you tied off. Keep wrapping until it is the desired thickness. On the next few wraps tie those into knots. Bring the needle out through the top of the wrapped end ready for attaching to the scarf. Once the piece is firm cut the yarn loops at the other end. You should have a tassel with a bit of yarn left to sew to one end of the scarf.
Sew a tassel to each end of the scarf pulling the scarf into a point as it is sewn.




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